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New Class Schedule for Children Program Starts August 18,2014

With new school year we are changing schedule for our Children Aikido Program. Thanks to growing interest in Aikido for kids, we are opening new classes to reach more children. Starting on August 18,2014 we have classes 5 times per week, and we hope new schedule will help parents, to coordinate busy family schedule.

Monday 5 to 5:50 PM Youth Class

Tuesday 5 to 5:50 PM Youth Class 1 and 6 to 6:50 PM Youth Class 2

Wednesday 5 to 5:50 PM Youth Class 1 and 6 to 6:50 PM Youth Class 2

Thursday 5 to 5:50 PM Youth Class 1 and 6 to 6:50 PM Youth Class 2

Saturday 9 to 9:50 AM Youth Class

If you are not familiar with Aikido or your child is ready to train Martial Arts, please stop by and try FREE Aikido class in our dojo.

Aikido is self defense, non-aggressive martial art. It was developed in Japan by Morihei Ueshiba as response to violent time of World War II. One of the basic principles of aikido is:

"Truce, not aggression. Harmony, not confrontation"

Our dojo follows these principles. Every child or teenager (5 to 9 years old- children classes, 10 to years old - teenager classes) learn that harmony is preferable to confrontation. In our dojo we nourish a positive attitude and we train to develop skills to help to live in harmony with others. There is no competition in Aikido. There are never any losers. Every child or teenager is learning and train on their own speed and facing their own challenges.

We train with partners not with opponents or competitors. This part of Aikido is helping to develop social and personal skills. The Aikido movements are soft and circular. We learn how to protect ourselves without aggression or control. We will be happy if you decide to visit us during the summer and try a class with us.

The Aikido Orlando Dojo is located at:

3764 Howell Branch Rd.
Winter Park, Florida 32792

No special preparations are required to try a class. Just wear a T-shirt and long sweat pants.

We welcome all children (5 to 8 years old) and tween (9 to 12 years old) Please, call or email in advance if you are planning on stopping by (407-284-9598 or Contact Page)

For more information about our dojo and aikido in general you can visit our website

Also please contact me if you have any additional questions. I look forward to see you soon.


We wish having a AIKIDO Dojo in OCOEE FLORIDA for local

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Dojo Address

The Shoppes at Howell Branch
3764 Howell Branch Road
Winter Park, FL 32792

Dojo Phone: (407) 284-9598

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